The AHLI JEEM represents a concept derived from a people who have stronger links to no other homeland other than the KA’BAH al Musharafah, situated in ‘the mother of cities’, MAKKATUL MUKARRAMAH. the AHLI JEEM hail from ‘the mother city’, the Cape of Good Hope

For more than three centuries the AHLI JEEM are a unique symbol of evolution, transformation and most importantly preservation. Cape Town is the furthest beacon in the South due to its unparalleled passion to identify with Arabic language and culture. This is due to a forged identity unbounded by merely a geographical location. Arabic, as a desired medium of communication facilitated for

the transcending of many a major obstacle becoming means of proliferating culture, class and context superseding borders, races and appearances

AHLI JEEM encompass all that Hajj has to offer for the Hujjaaj from the southernmost location of the Ummah.

The Al Jeem Team responsible for facilitating this transformational process referred to as the lifelong journey onwards to Allah,
that we commonly call Hajj are a unique grouping of individuals.

Their body of knowledge spanning more than a century of their individual and complementary experiences allows them to dedicate themselves selflessly to the guests of the Almighty.

They appreciate the nuances of being ever accommodating to nervous first time travelers to the lands of Revelation, they provide extra care necessitated as a duty to our elderly and frail, they share a cultural awareness with each unique guest based on
their origins all without compromising the well-traveled from making this experience unique to any other.

As Arabic plays a vital role in service delivery and customer service relationships, many of the Al Jeem Team strategically positioned across the wide spectrum of services required to make the experience of Hajj a seamless one are conversant in written and spoken Arabic. An array of other languages are also spoken by many an Al Jeem Team member adding

to a rich environment of multilingualism.

Beyond communication other much needed skill sets make this team unique, medical professionals for the days and hours when the physical body may not be at peak performance, a female staff complement to foster true sisterhood in a manner only women can relate to each other and formal training in hospitality, tourism and logistics are but a few competencies that make Al Jeem a winning team!


When one has their supplications answered and Allah accepts their call for them to journey to the Ancient House, many a thought is conflicted with the countless opinions of others who are brimming with enthusiasm to share their experiences. These are invaluable but need to be appropriated to suit the needs of the prospective Hajji…

The Al Jeem offering is more than mere travel arrangements but commences months prior to the journey with optional enrollment into the College of Hajj and Umrah. This offers thorough preparation to the Hajji presented over dozens of interactive sessions all accompanied by audio-visual presentations in-class handouts

for quick and easy reference when the need arises. Al Qur’aan encourages making provision for this remarkable journey and outlines the best of provisions as being that of righteousness. The frequent meet ups prior to departure within the College and beyond allow for the injection of regular dosages of spirituality that will yield their dividends when one comes into the august presence of Our Master Ar Rasul SAW and furthermore when infront of the Sacred House.

Visiting the Holy Cities is as much about prayer, salutations on the Final Messenger SAW and loads of His Remembrance as it is about realising who you are, the purpose of your creation and the very reason for your existence. The Al Jeem Team facilitate this process serving as catalysts by answering the ‘how’ and ‘when’ and more importantly, outlining the ‘why’ to each of the many acts of devotion, forms of worship and rituals of Hajj that will be diligently and seamlessly executed. The Al Jeem motto is based on conveying all we have learnt and discovered regarding our colourful Islamic Legacy with the hope of unearthing even more, that each would contribute to enhance the next as we grow closer to Our Creator. Months and years of preparation culminate in the climax of the days of Hajj themselves where every moment must be the fulfillment to a prayer in a never ending dialogue with the Almighty. The Al Jeem journey is lifelong as it continues after the days of Hajj in a collective and focused endeavor to utilize our individual and shared Hajj experiences to unravel the trials of life through a fraternity referred to as the Al Jeem Loyalty Programme.

Join the Al Jeem caravan traveling towards Allah!